Say what you're going to do, when you're going to do it, and how much you'll Forfeit if you don't do it. Send evidence of you completing your task before the deadline, or we take your money. It's essentially unlimited willpower.

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“If it had existed 25 years ago my life would've had a completely different trajectory”

This app has literally changed my life. I 100 percent believe that if it had existed 25 years ago my life would have had a completely different trajectory. I'm so grateful to the makers of this app who have allowed me to reach levels of productivity and growth in ways that I previously only dreamed of. Now I don't need to worry about the ebbing and flowing of willpower. I'm stronger, fitter, making better food choices and generally getting more done in life. The app keeps me on track and from falling off the bandwagon. It allows you to have flexibility to tailor your goals and makes them achievable with the different percentages of compliance you can set and the number of days you want to hold yourself accountable. In the few short months I have been using it, have seen it evolve rapidly with new integrations being released all the time that make the app even less of an effort to use and update. I can't stop raving about it to my friends and family and am sure I will continue to use it forever.

Zane, USA 🇺🇸

“Never been such in good shape in all the domains of my life”

Before Forfeit, I was a serial habit breaker. I was unable to maintain routines for more than three weeks even though I tried EVERYTHING. But this app revolutionized my approach. Be it: Daily cold baths and meditation, working out five times a week, becoming top 4% in codewars, consistently studying, cleaning my house regularly. Forfeit turned my aspirations into tangible habits. The secret? Accountability to strangers and financial stakes. I transformed into a disciplined individual. And now, I'm not just in the best shape of my life and mentally healthy. No, I'm also progressing every day and confident in my ability to achieve anything. To those considering Forfeit, it's a life-changer. It turns 'someday' into 'today', pushing you to do right by yourself, motivation aside.

Brice, Austria 🇦🇹

“Foundation that enables all changes”

Forfeit was a step change in my career. Working remotely, I had vague boundaries between personal life and work, and frequent cycles of "boom and bust" procrastination followed by last-minute crunching. Neither were terribly enjoyable, and I implicitly limited the kinds of opportunities I'd even shoot for to things where I had such a good margin that I knew I wouldn't drop the ball. Since I started using Forfeit a few months ago, I've been having crisp, full-time work hours, productive when I'm on and guiltlessly relaxed when I'm off. I've said yes to and pulled off opportunities I wouldn't have dared to earlier. I can commit to things and know I'll deliver, not just to others but to myself, and earning back that self-trust is the best, and priceless, part. Forfeit is one of many internal and external changes that I've been compounding into this (personally and financially) much healthier routine, but it's the foundation that enables them all.

Helder, Brazil 🇧🇷

“It sounds a little hyperbolic to say an app is life changing, but Forfeit truly is”

It sounds a little hyperbolic to say an app is life changing, but Forfeit truly is. It's remarkable what you can accomplish when willpower is no longer a barrier. Never before have I been so consistent with all those hard things that I want to do. I'm well on my way to being the fittest I've ever been, and feeling in charge of my life like never before. It's a secret weapon - if only I had this app 5 years ago!

Oliver, UK 🇬🇧

“Forfeit is a monster of an app”

Outsource your executive function: Forfeit is a monster of an app. Force yourself to do things that are important but not urgent by making submitting proof urgent. Submitting timelapses for proof is KICKASS. I’m so much more focused with the timelapse is recording vs when I just have a task scheduled in my calendar. I love that I can play audiobooks and podcasts seamlessly or swap to my meditation app while recording timelapses of completing routines. Super flexible with options for how often you have to submit proof (like 85% of the time or 6 days a week). The app is clean looking and intuitive. You even get confetti for submitting proof. New features in the works like 'failed forfeit $ goes to your friend' 'failed forfeit $ goes to your selected charity' are going to be game changers. I work from home on my small business and I’m always looking for ways to make myself more consistent and this one rules. Best I have ever done with going to bed on time and updating bullet journal metrics every day.

Devi, USA 🇺🇸

“Been hunting for an app like this for years now”

SIMPLE yet POWERFUL: Been hunting for an app like this for years now. As a busy entrepreneur w ADHD & many life improvement goals (both big & small), I’ve been often plagued by tasks I promised myself to do falling by the wayside. Often, this is because they lack any 'skin in the game', so to speak. This app helps you implement a straightforward accountability & penalty system. I absolutely love that you won’t lose countless hours trying to figure out some complicated system. The fact that an actual HUMAN BEING rather than some machine is on the other side validating or contesting your submitted proof adds a clear & motivating dimension for sticking to your word. I also love that the brains and support team behind this app are so easily accessible and responsive. They’ve helped me figure out so much as well as met me halfway in fine-tuning my more complex goals. You can easily see the ongoing improvements and upgrades and I’ve been impressed by their commitment to & unwavering belief in the app’s concept/mission. I highly recommend Forfeit.

Raj, USA 🇺🇸

“Forfeit is a lifesaver”

Forfeit is a lifesaver. Finally, a commitment device that works! You have real skin in the game—you forfeit real money if you fail to complete your task, and you must upload proof that you have accomplished the task you set for yourself. No more sudden spurts of motivation leading to false promises and abandoned attempts at self-improvement. Now, every time l decide on a goal, my first step will be to set a Forfeit. This way, I know I will actually put the time in—or suffer the consequences.

Igor, USA 🇺🇸

“Forfeit is the holy grail”

Forfeit has helped me stay more focused and productive. I have looked long and hard for things to help my procrastinating problem and held me accountable, and Forfeit is the holy grail. It's reliable and trustworthy, I don't think twice before setting a forfeit. Very thankful.

Camila, USA 🇺🇸

“REAL game changer”

Forfeit has been a REAL game changer for me in achieving a number of goals! Here is just one example: before, I was sending pictures at 6AM at the gym to my best friend, as a way of getting me up early & work out. He was doing the same thing. But over time, we started"cutting ourselves some slack" (ie. chicken out and making excuses, and accepting the other ones' excuses in return). Forfeit isn't having any of this BS. When I say that I'm gonna send a picture everyday at 6AM for one month, I have no choice but to do so (if I set Forfeit on "hard" mode). This feature alone has made a big impact on my life, and I haven't even tested all the integrations with Apple Health, MyFitnessPal yet.

Robin, France 🇫🇷

"60th percentile -> 90th percentile... primarily because of Forfeit"

Made a comeback from a rank of 29000 (60th percentile) to a rank of 5000 (90th percentile) in IndianMedical Residency entrance exams in 2.5 months; after my biggest support-my grandma passed away. It was possible primarily because of Forfeit. Love how the verification system literally pays very close attention & prevents cheating. Surprises me everyday as I keep discovering more consistency & potential in myself via Forfeit. A must use especially for the procrastinators!

Shruti, India 🇮🇳

"The progress I've made with this app is unbelieveable"

I struggle with BPD and Bipolar Disorder which can sometimes lead to me not wanting to take my medicine, but not anymore!! This app has helped me make consistent progress in not only taking my medicine every day but helping me to meditate, go to sleep on time, and do homework! The progress I’ve made with this app is unbelievable and I can’t thank the creators enough."

Jax, USA 🇺🇸

“96% success rate on 118 forfeits”

Forfeit is the accountability check that I have wanted in my life for a long time now: to check that I am getting to the gym, clearing my inbox, and cleaning my room. It doesn't take much - all of my forfeits have only risked losing a dollar - but I have found it to be a tangible way of being held up to the standards that I want to hold for myself. All told, I have had 118 forfeits in the past month (my first month of heavy use) and I have had a 96% success rate. I currently have $74 on the line and am continuing to find better ways to use this simple yet powerful tool.

Gabriel, USA 🇺🇸

"Most important app of my life"

This is the most important app of my life at the moment. I struggle a lot with not being focused in the moment. I have a lot of well intentioned and well laid out plans, but will power in the moment of execution, or distractions during execution have been my biggest blockers. If you are like me, then this is the app for you. The basic construct is very simple, you pay if you can't meet your own goal. But you can plan your entire life around this construct — from dieting to getting the productivity you want daily, to committing to a daily process, to getting enough workout daily, to whatever you want to get done.

Ankur, USA 🇺🇸

"Forfeit really helped me achieve this qualification"

In years of trying to overcome procrastination, ADHD symptoms, and lack of motivation, l've learnt that telling myself I'll do something just doesn't work, or doesn't work reliably enough to stop me worrying about whether or not I might forget to do it or get round to doing it. Forfeit removes that. I just have to do it and prove that I've done it. It works. I used the Timelapse function on Forfeit to complete academic reading 5 days a week for a postgraduate course, and set Forfeits for word count milestones for my assignments. I had a lot going on in life while studying, but Forfeit really helped me achieve this qualification and score a distinction. I also use Forfeit to help me get enough sleep, get exercise, and minimise my social media consumption. Thanks Forfeit team!

Ro, UK 🇬🇧

“Usually never write reviews... life changing!”

Bye Procrastination!: I usually never write reviews but I just downloaded this app this week and it’s been life-changing! I’m a huge procrastinator and I’ve been looking for so many apps to stop me from doing so and this is the one! So to all my procrastinators this is the app that will do the job, unless if you’re up for losing money.

Sėtāyęśh, Unknown 🌎

"Given me a sense of self control I thought I had lost"

This app has given me a sense of self control I thought I had lost. It's both the least restrictive and most effective tool I have used curb the effects of phone addiction.

Anonymous, Unknown 🌎

“I can say with confidence that it works”

Where has this been all my life? As someone with severe ADHD, basic habits have always been a big struggle. I've tried so many things. Checklists, reminders, alarms, novelty, etc. Nothing would keep me on track. I've been using forfeit for a few weeks now and I can say with confidence that it works. Never before have I washed my face so consistently, all because the looming threat of losing money is the motivation and accountability I needed but never had. Thank you so much.

Connor, USA 🇺🇸

"I've been trying to be a disciplined person all my life... Forfeit solved this for me"

I've been using this app almost since it first came out, but especially for the last 4 months l've been using the time lapse feature. I've been trying to be a disciplined person all my life, but there was always a problem somewhere. Forfeit solved this problem for me. As a graduate student and even as someone who is trying to make other habits permanent, it has been game changer to me.

Alp, Turkey 🇹🇷

"Basically makes it impossible not to do the habit"

Forfeit helped me to finally stick to habits like waking up early and working out everyday. It basically makes it impossible not to do the habit if you put enough money on the line. Its truly a life changing app.

Marcelo, Brazil 🇧🇷

How does it work?

Set a Photo Forfeit.

Set the description of the photo that you need to send in by a certain time, how much money you'll lose if you don't send it, and what time it needs to be submitted by.

Submit photo evidence.

Send the photo of what you said you were going to do, before the deadline.

GPT/a human will verify it.

Once submitted, GPT4 Vision will verify it. If it isn't certain, or if it thinks it's wrong, it will be sent to a human verifier. If the evidence doesn't match the description, you lose your money.

Set a timelapse Forfeit.

Set the description of the photo that you need to send in by a certain time, how much money you'll lose if you don't send it, and what time it needs to be submitted by. Eg, "30 mins meditation".

Submit evidence.

Send a timelapse of what you said you were going to do, before the deadline.

GPT will verify it.

GPT4 Vision will analyse your timelapse, and it it can't immediately approve it, it'll get sent to a human verifier.

Set your Apple Health threshold.

Set what Apple Health Marker you'd like to track, and select whether you'd like to be above of below it, and the deadline for when it should be checked.

Sync to Apple Health

Thousands of apps sync to Apple Health - select whichever one you use, and turn on Apple Health sync for it in settings.

Forfeit will auto-verify.

Track your workout/meditation like you would in your usual app, and it'll automatically approve it. No need to check back into the app!

Install Rescuetime on PC/Mac/Android.

Install Rescuetime, a web/Android tracking tool. Create a free account, and sync it in app.

Set your limits on your websites/apps.

Set the websites, desktop apps, or Android apps that you want to either set a limit on (eg, "max 30 mins on") or minimal time (eg, "at least 2hrs on XCode"), and how much you'll lose if you don't complete this.

Stay beneath the limits.

Stay beneath the limit (or, surpass it if it's a minimal time), and this will automatically sync to Forfeit. No check-in needed.

Set a self-verify Forfeit.

Set the description of the task that you want to complete.

If you did it, approve it.

Simply check whethere you did it or you didn't. No evidence needed!

If you didn't, deny it.

This is on your word.

Set the GPS location.

Set the location on a map, what time you want to be there by, and how much you'll forfeit if you fail.

Before the deadline, check in.

Simply enter the 100m radius of the location that you previously set, and click "Check In". If you don't do this in time, you fail.

Appeal if something comes up.

Car won't start? Still sore from last workout? Forgot to submit?

Set how lenient you want Forfeit to be, and ensure you never fail if it's not your fault.

Fits to your schedule.

Choose to submit the forfeit:

 •  X days/week (ie, 3 times each week)
 •  Above a certain percentage of the time (eg, 33% of the time)
 •  Only on specific days (eg, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Adjustable leniency.

Know you'll try and weasel out? Set your leniency mode.

 •  Lenient mode: We accept any appeals.
 •  Normal mode: We require evidence.
 •  Hard mode: No appeals, ever.

Sync to anything

Set-and-forget financial guardrails for your life.


How does Forfeit work?
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What happens if I send incorrect evidence?
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What's the failure rate? Won't I just lose money?
What countries is Forfeit available in?
Can I delete forfeits?
When do we delete the photos/timelapses?
What's the customer support like?
What if I'm a huge data nerd and want to quantify/graph my habits?